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Hi!  My name is Victor Tan. Apart from being the owner of Spirit On Stage, I am a writer, speaker, and educator.

I used to be a very shy and quiet person, never wanting to speak or take the initiative on anything. It only changed when I realized what people wanted, and what I wanted as well. So I learned how to be funny and what it took to make people laugh.

It was my first step into public speaking, and it was both scary and exciting. And while I started making people laugh, I discovered something about public speaking; we weren’t teaching it the right way. We were just teaching people what to do and how to speak better, but I didn’t know what was wrong until I entered university.

I learned that while we taught people how to be better speakers, no one was ever taught WHY they weren’t good speakers in the first place. Schools and universities kept showing videos on great speakers, but they always kept dodging the questions of why we weren’t as good as them in the first place. Even public speaking books and websites were the same, they taught us what we could do to be better speakers, but never tackled the deeper problems.

That’s why I created Spirit On Stage. I wanted to take a different direction and show aspiring speakers why they held themselves back, why they weren’t the speaker they wanted to be. I also wanted to teach individuals who weren’t great at communication how they could develop those skills and talk without being scared.

Communication skills are growing more important in our lives, even when we don’t think they are. It’s not about being the best speaker in the world. It’s not about forcing people to do something they don’t want. It’s about showing people why they are holding themselves back, and how they can achieve their true potential.

Look around the site, read the blog and let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear from anyone who enjoys the content on this website, and also from people who don’t!

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