The Face Behind The Ideas


Hi!  My name is Victor Tan. I am a speaker who loves to talk about a variety of different subjects at different times.

The world of public speaking is large, even if people only see it as standing on a stage and speaking to other people. I’m doing my best every day to learn more about public speaking so that I could help others improve their speaking skills.

I also know that public speaking isn’t just standing on a stage in front of an audience. It’s as simple as speaking to a friend in public, meeting new people at a gathering or even speaking at an interview.

Everyone is unique and they have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to speaking. That’s why I feel that giving simple advice and assistance to people isn’t going to help them improve their abilities.

Whether you want to be a speaker who stands on stages around the world or you want to be better at making conversation, you should be able to develop your speaking skills and achieve your goals.

That’s why I started Spirit On Stage. I wanted to share the knowledge gained from my research and experiments to help people who want to improve their skills.

Just like you, I’m still learning about public speaking. I’m making mistakes and not all of my experiments go according to plan. But I hope that through my experiences, you can find knowledge that will help you become the speaker you want to be.

Public speaking isn’t just about speaking to audiences, but learning about the different aspects of speaking. How we act, how we feel, all of these things play a part in our speaking ability.

I’d love to be able to help you grow as a speaker. By sharing what I have learned and seen, I hope to be able to light a spark of inspiration inside of you that can help you with your speaking skills.